About Cybershop Australia

Cybershop originated through our gypsy days in Europe. We lived an alternative lifestyle travelling through Europe in a camper van around the festival circuit.

Through friends of friends a connection was made between Cybershop Finland and Cybershop Australia many years before either existed.

Cybershop Finland began in 2003, quickly growing into numerous shops. Cybershop Australia opened in 2010 with our first shop at Macarthur Square Shopping Centre in Campbelltown.

The main idea behind Cybershop is to bring colour, uniqueness, inclusiveness and controversy to our everyday lives.

Cybershop is somewhere to express your own personality through alternative clothing and accessories in whatever style you desire, whether it be alternative, quirky, rockabilly, pinup, costume and dress up, rave, festival, gothic, steampunk, hippie, boho, or straight up sexy.

We endeavor to cater to all your needs.


Macarthur Square Store
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