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Make a Hauntingly Stylish Entrance With Our Halloween Accessories

Do you want to step into a Halloween party and make people shiver with fear and horror? We have a sensational range of Halloween costumes, Halloween accessories and Halloween products to transform you into the eerie, dark, sinister character of your imagination. 

Whether you want to be a classic monster, a fantasy creature, a dead soul dripping in blood, a Grim Reaper, a mad scientist or simply a cute kitten, our Halloween collection has a choice for you. 

At Cybershop Australia, we invite you to enter a world of spine-chilling thrills as you plan your outfit for a ghoulish gathering. 

From Masks to Disguises, Headbands to Chokers, You Will Scare Them To Death


Halloween masks are great to conceal your identity and easily create a character of your choice. Choose a stunning Sugar Skull Lady or an evil grinning Cheshire Cat. We also have a petrifying Snarl Mask with two rows of teeth ready to eat you alive. Spider Webs, Cute Bats, Leopard prints, comic Sharks, and Pumpkin masks offer a less scary choice and are ideal for kids. 

If you want full-face disguises, choose a Black Plague Doctor mask, a Rubber Mask with Spikes or a Black Goth Stitches Face. These sinister masks don’t hold back and will delight those who aspire to the dark, macabre side of life. 


Want to stab a pair of scissors or a syringe needle into your head? Don’t do it for real! Our cool Zombie Syringe or Zombie Scissors Headbands give an authentic look and with some added blood and gore, you will freak people out. You can even take it one step further with our Halloween accessories and slice your head open with a blood-stained Cleaver Thru the Head headband. Bunnies, bats, rams and cats are always welcome at a Halloween bash and we have a fabulous range of headbands to create these characters. 

Gloves and Chokers

Add a creepy touch to your outfit with Glow in the Dark Skeleton Gloves or a pair of Black Lace Corset Gloves. Then finish your look with a scintillating Hologram Choker with Spikes in a choice of pink or silver. We also have a fabulous Goth-inspired Black Cross Pendant Choker, a Cat Ring Choker, or a Heart Lock Choker to accessorise your sinister desires. 

Halloween Outfits

Our Halloween products will help you put together Halloween costume ideas in an instant before the midnight hour arrives. By combining different Halloween accessories, you can morph into Wednesday Adams, Dracula, The Joker, Freddy Krueger, a vampire, a witch or a totally bizarre character of your own imagination. Add Kaleidoscope Goggles, Skeleton Hair Clips and don’t forget to carry a Red Coffin Clutch Bag to hide your blood-stained razor blades. 

Check Out Our Unique Designs Available At Cybershop Australia

At Cybershop Australia, we offer a bewitching range of Halloween products. Every item is made from the highest quality materials ensuring that you have a frightful time year in and year out. Cosy up in front of the fire with a grinning pumpkin, browse our website and get inspired to design your Halloween outfits.

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