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How To Rock A Choker Like A Pro, From Punk To Glam 

Chokers have been popular accessories for decades and have a rich history that spans many fashion eras. Victorian ladies wore jewelled velvet chokers as a symbol of wealth and status. During the Hippie era of the 60s and 70s, leather, suede and beaded chokers became a definitive expression of freedom and individuality. 

Today’s jewellery chokers range from elegant and glam to expressions of pride affiliations, dark designs for Goth, and edgy pieces for Punk and alternative subcultures. 

At Cybershop Australia, we have an awesome collection of chokers and wrist bands to personalise your style and add a touch of cool to your outfit. 

From Goth to Punk, Pride and Romance, Our Collection Has You Covered 

Romantic Chokers 

Hearts are the ultimate symbol of romance and we have a fab collection of heart chokers to thrill any lover. Choose an elegant heart in Silver, or add some attitude with White Spikes. To show everlasting love, we have a glorious Dark Pink Choker With a Heart Lock. For a casual weekend outing, enhance your jeans and thigh-high boots ensemble with a cool blue Denim Heart Choker. If your last fling broke your heart, you can show your feelings by wearing a Wide White Choker with a Broken Heart. 

Glam Chokers 

If you have a calendar full of ‘Save the Date’ events, you need to glam up your act. Wear a stunning Henrietta Lace and Pearl Choker that will add pizazz to your LBD. And, you can team it up with a matching Henrietta White Lace Ring Bracelet. Enhance a low-cleavage dress and show attitude with a Lace Skull Choker with a Bone Hand. If you prefer simple elegance, choose our Black Tattoo Choker Set that offers a matching choker, bracelet and ring. 

Pride Chokers and Wrist Bands

Wearing accessories decorated with Pride colours is a great way to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community. We have designs that display Bisexual, Transgender, Pansexual and Asexual affiliations. These Silicone wrist bands and bracelets can be shown off with casual outfits or worn discreetly with a formal work outfit. If you are looking for a lovely gift, we have a Cute Pride Rainbow Bracelet with a coloured stone and a chain closure. 

Edgy Punk Chokers

Get aggressive with spikes, studs, chains, and metal hardware. Our Punk style chokers are essential jewellery pieces to add drama to your leather jackets, band T-shirts, and ripped jeans look. Choose a Drusilla Black Choker with Rings and Spikes, or a rad mean-looking Lydia Black Choker with Rings and Chains. We also have pentagrams, rivets, and buckles to unleash your inner rebel. 

Bats and Cats Chokers

Bats and cats are perfect for cosplay, Halloween, haunted house and other spooky events. We have Bat Chokers in a variety of colours including black, pink, dark pink, white and red. Add some cat-titude to a unique outfit with a cute Red Cat Ring Choker. It also makes a purr-fect gift for cat-lovers who just cannot have enough cat-themed accessories.

Scintillating Hologram Chokers  

Elevate your style with our Hologram chokers that change colour as you move. They are eye-catching, dramatic and intriguing and sure to get you noticed, which is absolutely what you want.

Check Out Our Range At Cybershop Australia

Our chokers and wrist bands come in a huge wide variety of styles and designs. They are made of high-quality materials and feature bold colours that will never fade. Browse our website and choose yours today. 

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