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Step into Pride: Celebrate Diversity With These Colourful Socks

Pride Socks are more than just a piece of clothing to keep your feet warm. They are a powerful fashion symbol of support and celebration for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or simply want to show your support for the community, Pride Socks are a fun and meaningful way to express yourself and make a statement. Wear them during Pride Month, at festivals, celebrations, raves, parties, walks and awareness events to promote equality and inclusivity for all. 

At Cybershop Australia, we have the largest and most exciting collection of Pride Socks in. We design our socks to create an impact and promote positivity, acceptance and support for all gender identities. 

Let your feet do the talking and show your unique power of self-expression with these fun and colourful Pride Socks.

Step Up Your Sock Game in LGBTQ+ Style

Rainbow socks

Show off the original pride colours! Pink-Sex, Red-Life, Orange-Healing, Yellow-The Sun, Green-Nature, Turquoise-Art and Magic, Blue-Serenity, Purple-The Spirit.

Transgender socks

This design features 5 stripes in a repeating pattern. Light pink focuses on the female aspects of transgender individuals. Light blue represents the masculine aspects, and white represents those who are transitioning between the two or who have an undefined or neutral gender. 

Bisexual socks

Bold colour bands with a wide magenta stripe on the top represent same-gender attraction. The wide blue stripe at the bottom represents opposite-gender attraction. In the middle is a thin deep lavender stripe representing attraction toward both genders. 

Lesbian pride socks

These eye-catching socks feature a 5-stripe design. Dark orange represents gender non-conformity. The light orange represents community. Unique relationships to womanhood are represented by the white band. Light pink indicates serenity and peace and dark pink symbolises femininity.

Pansexual socks

Challenge existing prejudices with these socks. Pink represents attraction to people who identify as female. Blue represents attraction to people who identify as male, and yellow indicates an attraction to non-binary people. 

Asexual socks

These colours are chosen to represent different levels of sexuality. Grey represents grey-asexuality. Black represents a lack of sexual attraction.  White represents normal sexuality, and the purple stripe at the bottom represents the community as a whole. 

Non-binary socks

The yellow stripe represents gender outside the traditional male-female binary. White represents people of many or all genders. Black represents people who identify as not having a gender and purple represents people with genders considered a mix of male and female. 

Choose Your Style and Design

We supply socks in over-the-knee and classic ankle lengths. The elasticised tops ensure that the socks never slip down and become uncomfortable. We also have leg warmers for cold days or a warm-up at the gym. 

Our Pride Socks are made from high-quality knits that won’t stretch or shrink when washed. The knits are breathable, keeping your feet and legs sweat-free. The bold vibrant colours are printed with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that they will never fade. 

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