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Redefine Coolness with our Awesome Selection of Parasols, Umbrellas & Fans

At Cybershop Australia, we have a fabulous selection of Parasols, Umbrellas & Fans that offer a choice of classic designs for elegant occasions, vibrant Pride colours, haunted Halloween motifs and tie-dyed hippie-inspired patterns.

Staying cool is more than just about the temperature, it is part of your style and sense of fashion. Be alluring, be bold, be shy, but most of all, let your style rule! 

From Pride to Romance, Hippie and Halloween, You Can Throw Some Shade 

Parasol Panache

Parasols are a must-have for any glam outdoor occasion. Sipping an icy drink under the shade of a parasol is the ultimate ooh-la-la look. Our parasols are made of lightweight fabric that filters sunlight but does not trap the heat. 

Choose exquisite White Lace Parasols for your bridal party and ensure that they feature in your love story photoshoot! They are delicate, sophisticated and elegant and will add an ethereal touch to your special day. 

For a risqué look, our Red Lace Parasol is just what you need to enhance your inner diva and add a mysterious finish to your cosplay outfit. Team it up with a pair of Long Red Lace Gloves from our shop to finish your look. 

Make a dramatic entrance to a haunted Halloween event with our Spider Web parasol. It weaves a spell of eerie elegance, captivating all with its mesmerising black and white design. 

Umbrellas for Rain or Shine 

Our range of trendy umbrellas ensures that neither rain nor sun spoils your parade. So, set off in any weather knowing that style and practicality are in perfect harmony. 

Embrace all aspects of diversity with our brightly coloured Rainbow Umbrella. It opens easily by pushing a button on the sturdy handle and it has a wrist string for easy carrying when the umbrella is closed. This stylish umbrella is ideal for Pride parades, festivals, rallies, parties, raves and awareness events. 

Fan-tastic Fans 

Get ready to fan the flames of fabulousness with our breezy collection of fans.  

For elegant outdoor garden teas and ladies luncheons, we offer an exquisite White and Gold Hand Fan, perfect for keeping you cool. Add a touch of whimsy to a princess outfit with a delicate Pink Hand Fan. Our Black Lace Tassel fan is a must-have for Goth, Steampunk, Alternative and Fantasy fashion outfits. For adult events with a touch of seduction, our Red Hand Fan completes your sexy burlesque-style getup. 

Are you captivated by the royals? Princess Diana made polka dots a fashion statement and our charming White Black Polka Dot Hand Fan will make you feel regally stylish. Unleash your untamed wildness with a Leopard Hand Fan, perfect for a dress-up or cosplay fashion event. And, for those who want to chill out and remember the laid-back 60’s, we have a retro Tie Dye Hand Fan that will transport you back to the days of Peace and Love.

Check Out Our Range At Cybershop Australia

Our parasols Australia, umbrellas and fans are made of high-quality materials with sturdy designs that won’t break and leave you stranded in a downpour or a heatwave. Buy online with confidence knowing that we supply hand-selected, meticulously crafted products. 

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