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Lace up Your Style – Explore Our Stunning Corset Collection

Step into a world where elegance meets sensuality – the world of corsets. These iconic garments have a rich history dating back centuries. Originating in the 16th century, corsets were initially worn to emphasise the much-admired hourglass figure. 

Today, corsets have evolved into coveted fashion pieces, adorning the wardrobes of fashionistas and trend-setters. They are no longer worn as hidden layers, but are out-there to be seen and make bold provocative fashion statements. Corset outfits will enhance burlesque, steampunk, Goth, evening wear, cosplay, retro, Boho and vintage ensembles. 

At Cybershop Australia, we offer a daring choice of corsets with an edgy fusion of style, colours and textures to unleash your fashion story.

From Black to White, Lace to Leather, our extensive corset collection, featuring overbust and underbust corsets

Leather Corsets 

Leather corset outfits exude an intoxicating allure of power and sensuality. Show your passion with buckles, studs, metallic accents and zips. These provocative designs come in both corset overbust and corset underbust styles. 

Our Selina Black Faux Leather corset top is smooth and sexy with a front open-me-up zipper. Alexandra features fun criss-cross detailing and bows on the straps. Be a temptress in a black Vixen corset underbust that features exposed boning and heavy buckles. 

Lace Corsets

Lace corsets bring an alluring and enchanting feminine appeal to vintage and Boho outfits. They are perfect for adding a touch of personality to a glamorous evening gown or dressing up a day-into-night jumpsuit.

Our Lillian White Lace corset transcends eras and brings a new look to classic romance. Pair it with a flowing skirt to create a dreamy affair. 

For something different, our Nicolette Corset Overbust sports fun lace shoulder sleeves. If you are rocking it in Goth style, the Alicia Black Lace Waist corset will ignite your dark desires with an alluring silhouette that commands attention. 

White Corsets

White corsets are whimsical, elegant and sophisticated. Choose our Courtney White Overbust corset as part of your bridal gown for insta-worthy wedding pictures. White corsets look stunning paired with pastel colours and make a sensational contrast when worn with black. Add a chic touch to high-waisted jeans when you wear them with our Annabella White Overbust corset. 

Black Corsets

Embrace your sense of rebellion with black corset outfits, designed for a fearless lady. Black corsets are perfect for Goth, steampunk and streetwear outfits. Our Ebony corset enhances your waist with dangling chains and metal buckles. 

The Blair Corset Underbust teams up stylishly with brocade and velvet Cosplay ensembles, be the ultimate Harley Quinn, the Black Widow or Morticia Addams. For a secret love rendezvous, dress up in the Endora corset with an open bra and delight your partner!

Patterned Corsets

Step away from solid colours and add the intrigue of patterns to your outfit. Our Purple Patterned corset brings charming bohemian opulence to an organic cotton ankle-length skirt. 

For a free-spirited gypsy vibe, show your personality with the seductive Helena Red Flower Patterned Waist corset and a rose in your hair. And, if you are planning an adult Christmas without the kids, dress up in a fab Mrs Claus Corset

Check Out Our Range At Cybershop Australia

Our corset outfits are designed to add an edge to your style whether it be dark, rebellious, avant-garde or elegantly formal. 

We use high-quality fabrics and embellishments to ensure that your corset overbust or corset underbust will last for years, never lose its shape and will always feel comfortable.

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