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Elevate Your Cosplay Outfit with the Power of Accessories

Get ready to unleash your fave villain, superhero or mythical creature with our range of cosplay accessories. “Costume Play” is The Hot Trend where people dress up as their favourite characters from movies, comics, video games, anime, TV shows and manga.

Get totally immersed in your character and use accessories to add that final layer of authenticity and craftsmanship, taking your look from ordinary to extraordinary.

At Cybershop Australia, we have a sensational range of party accessories, wigs, gloves, masks, socks and headbands that will elevate your outfit, turn you into the character you imagine, and get a thumbs-up from your fellow cosplayers.

From Masks to Gloves, Chokers to Wigs, Unleash Your Inner Character


Morph into your chosen character with a mask! Masks are vital for cosplay, creating the iconic look of superheroes.. We have dark Rubber Masks with Spikes that will scare anyone you pass, and beautiful seductive lacy masks, perfect for a grand Venetian Ball. Be a Black Plague Doctor with a beaked mask or an empowered Bat Woman in a stunning Ornamental Bat Lace Mask.


Our chokers are edgy, dark, cute, colourful and whimsical. We have a choice for every character and every occasion. Wear them for a party or add style to your Goth and Dark Culture outfits. Chokers are essential for many cosplay characters like Sailor Moon and Harley Quinn.

We have gorgeous Heart chokers and Black Cat chokers and really dramatic chokers with chains, spikes, rings and broken hearts. Colour choices range from delicate pink to hot pink, bold red, black and trendy purple. For a scintillating look, choose a Pink or Silver Hologram choker adorned with spikes and rings.


From seductive Lace Corset gloves to aggressive Punk Buckle gloves, we have a daring range of gloves for your party outfit, cosplay costume or rebellious dress style. Finish your Gothic Lolita character with over-the-elbow Black Velvet gloves or be a spooky apparition with Glow in the Dark Skeleton gloves. Do you want to be petted and cuddled? Enhance your cute animal outfit with Bunny Pink gloves or Fingerless Paw Gloves.

Wigs and Headbands

Wigs and headbands are the crowning jewels of any transformative dress costume. By slipping on a wig or headband, you embody the essence of your favourite character. Be a Black Ram with Skull and Roses or a powerful Maleficent from the Moors.

Look adorable when you wear a Fox Ears or a Teddy Bear Ears headband. Our Unicorn wig captures the magic and allure of this popular trend with scintillating colours and long-flowing white tresses. 

Socks, Stockings and More

Socks may keep you warm, but our cosplay socks will … well .. knock your socks off! Add Furry Face Pastel Blue and White Stripe socks to a charming girlie outfit. Finish your Halloween look with Black Cross Over the Knee stockings. Up your dress style with one of our provocative garters featuring spikes, pentagrams or hearts.

Check Out Our Range At Cybershop Australia

Cybershop Australia is a cosplay shop that offers you the most extensive range of cosplay accessories in the country. Take your game to new levels with unique masks, gloves, wigs, headbands, garters, stockings, socks and goggles.

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