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See Life Differently – Choose a Cool Pair of Glasses / Goggles

From sun-kissed style to the depths of alternate realities, our rad collection of sunglasses and goggles is a must-have for your retro, vintage, festival or steampunk-inspired look.

Unlock a world of daring individuality and choose sunglasses that make a statement of rebellion, futuristic sophistication, or romantic intentions. And, you have to finish off your vintage-industrial look with a pair of steampunk goggles on your forehead, your helmet, or draped over one eye like a pirate.

At Cybershop Australia, we have a sensational collection of sunglasses and steampunk eyewear for any occasion, style, costume, or cosplay theme.

From Hearts to Flames, Butterflies and Razors, Style Your Eyewear

Steampunk Eyeglasses

Like portals into a bygone era of industrial cogs and gears, our steampunk goggles add a unique finish to your look, whether you are planning a vintage, military, aviator or Goth style. Go for black, bronze, green or antique gold to enhance your Sailor Uranus, Seras Victoria or Ryuko Matoi cosplay character. For a dramatic effect, choose spikes and kaleidoscope steampunk glasses and dress up as a post-apocalyptic man-eating zombie. Welcome to our world of steampunk eyeglasses where elegance and daring meet eccentricity and your wildest ideas come to life.

Star Sunglasses

Razzle and dazzle and embrace your inner Hollywood diva with our stellar star-shaped vintage sunglasses and see stars through green, purple, red, black, or blue lenses. These celestial-inspired sunglasses are perfect for music festivals and  beach parties. They will enhance your cosplay character and add star quality to your look as you stroll through the mall.

Hearts Sunglasses

When it comes to love, you can be romantic, playful or a flirty temptress! Choose a fun pair of Red Love Heart Glasses to show your passion. If you are planning on breaking hearts, we have fabulous Heartbreaker sunglasses in ombré pink and yellow. When sparks start to fly, wear a fun pair of Flaming Glasses with embedded diamanté for extra attitude. They come in a choice of cool colours to suit your level of desire.

Spooky Eyewear

Blood and gore are vital elements of Halloween, ghost tours, supernatural-themed masquerade balls and haunted house parties. Opt for spine-tingling eyewear that adds a ghoulish, eerie flare to your outfit. Choose Blood Drip glasses in red, blue, purple or black or Bat Wing glasses to enhance a spooky floor-length black coat. For a trip to the dark side, we have Razor Blade glasses that will leave a chilling impression on those who dare to look you in the eyes.

Nature-Inspired Sunglasses

Embrace the world of nature with glorious sunglasses that uplift your spirit. We offer ethereal Butterfly Glasses in pastel shades of purple and pink. Complete your summer look with a pair of graceful Dragonfly Glasses in pastel tones. These delicate designs are perfect for enhancing your look at a stylish garden tea or an outdoor wedding.

More to See!

Wear your Pride on your eyes with our colourful Rainbow sunglasses, perfect for expressing your support and solidarity for the LGBTQ+ community.

Step back into the iconic allure of the 50’s with cat’s eye sunglasses that capture the essence of retro chic. They make a timeless statement when teamed up with our 50’s wardrobe attire.

Embrace the bold and sleek aesthetics of tomorrow when you wear our minimalist Futuristic Glasses, a cutting-edge design of style and elegance. A must-have for sci-fi events, EDM parties and fashion shows.

Check Out Our Unique Designs Available At Cybershop Australia

Our sunglasses and steampunk eyewear are made of the highest-quality materials that will stand the test of time. Wear these accessories with confidence knowing that they are fashion-forward, engineered for a perfect fit, and designed to become your style companions on your fashion journey.


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